Martin Dowey’s weekly column: Boro fans shouldn’t boycott

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I GLEEFULLY logged myself into the Surfing Seadog yesterday to check out the chat among the fans of Scarborough Athletic.

As well as finding out what the Evening News had done wrong this week, I also discovered a few of the Boro faithful were planning on boycotting Tuesday night’s NCEL Premier game at Parkgate.

I don’t know who these people are because many hide behind pseudonyms on there.

For all I know it could be my two sons that are calling the shots.

Anyway, this whole peculiar idea stems from the FA Vase defeat at the South Yorkshire club a fortnight ago, which saw Athletic charged with, among other things, failure to control its fans.

The referee on that day made what could be called a few controversial decisions and because of that he got some grief from the crowd.

I wasn’t there on the day, so I can’t really comment.

But I have been told by a number of people that, in their opinion, the official lost total control of the game.

So because a referee lost control, Athletic’s fans won’t be cheering their team on in what is a very important game for Rudy Funk’s charges.

The Boro lads will be working their socks off on what will no doubt be a chilly November evening and nobody will be there to applaud their crunching tackles or celebrate their goals.

Not only will Rudy Funk and his side be hit by this decision, a Parkgate side, who defended Boro to the hilt after the game, will be too.

A Parkgate spokesman said on the FA website: “The noise the Scarborough fans made was really fantastic, they made themselves heard throughout.

“They were really passionate.

“It was a great day for our club as well, because we are in the next round and the attendance was 275 – we normally get about 90 people for home games.”

According to a few fans, some of the other issues caused on the day were because a handful of the Parkgate players flung themselves to the ground in order to gain an advantage.

Had Boro reached the final of the FA Vase and had Ryan Blott dived in the area to win a last minute penalty, would those same Boro fans be cursing him?

The same applies if Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard dived in the final of the World Cup to allow England to lift the trophy - not that this will ever happen.

So far then we have come up with quite a few reasons not to boycott Boro’s game and few to suggest that this is a good idea to miss the trip.

One reason could be it will save a bit on cost. I have a decent-sized car, if anyone wants to slip me a fiver on Tuesday I’ll give you a lift because I certainly won’t be boycotting the match.

In fact I’m quite looking forward to it.

When things are going well these night games are great to watch, especially when there is something at stake.

These are the games when your club needs you and your support and doesn’t need you to stay at home watching Holby City - I wouldn’t advise that if you are going or not.

I honestly don’t think it is Parkgate or Boro who deserve this.

Who knows, it could be a good game, though I do apologise if Boro end up losing out 4-0.

The best way for fans to show their frustration is to cheer their club on and not hammer referees with too much personal abuse.

I’m sure that if you marched into any restaurant and berated the chap or chapess behind the counter, your fodder wouldn’t be cooked or served with the same quality as it would normally have been.

The only person that seems to be able to get away with it is Sir Alex Ferguson, though the top flight’s officials will be used to it by now.

All you have to do is leave referee Mr Hunt off your Christmas card list this year. Problem solved.

To finish off, I was a very proud husband on Sunday when I watched my lovely wife Sarah complete the McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k. Well done to her, you wouldn’t find me running that far at my age, that’s for sure.