MARTIN DOWEY: Should Moyes get Rodgers’ time?

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Looking at the Premier League at the moment is a little like casting my eye back to my youth in the 1980s.

It has been a while, but Liverpool are finally good again.

They are not dominating everything like that period in time, but Brendan Rodgers has created something on Merseyside that seems to be working.

In fact, looking at run-ins and the like, they are my favourites to lift their first title since 1990.

I can remember going to watch Liverpool destroy Sheffield Wednesday in 1980s, with the likes of John Barnes, Peter Beardsley and Craig Johnston bopping the ball neatly about.

Things look a little bit similar now, as Rodgers has been given the time and the cash needed to emulate what he achieved at Swansea.

Rodgers had turned the Welsh side into a mini Barcelona, firstly focusing everything around a little-known Londoner in Leon Britton, who had risen up with the club from the bottom tier of league football.

His biggest and best trait is the strength he has in his convictions.

Things weren’t going his way at the start and yet he stuck to his guns, that has paid huge dividends.

Liverpool were a broken club when the fallen messiah Kenny Dalglish failed miserably at his second attempt.

Rodgers arrived with a philosophy of how he wanted the team to play.

In the early stages he was criticised as Liverpool’s players struggled to switch to his methods.

When the pressure kicked in he didn’t alter his ethos because he knew that it would work.

The dead-wood also departed because they seemingly couldn’t play how he wanted the game to be played.

If you look back at the early stages of Rodgers’ tenure, they seem a little similar to how things currently lie at another Premiership club.

David Moyes has filled the legendary shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson, which was also going to be a challenge.

The team he inherited is filled to the brim with dead-wood that clearly needs the chop.

There are also very few lion hearts in there. It is difficult to imagine Robin Van Persie or Ashley Young busting their guts when the third goal went in against Liverpool at the weekend.

Prior to this, Moyes had an ethos that worked just a few yards away from Rodgers’ current stomping ground at Everton.

He won just shy of 43 per cent of his games at Everton, who he transformed from unfashionable strugglers to a team that is now competing.

Many Liverpool, Leeds and other fans will agree with me when I say that Moyes should be given more time to make things work, but I honestly believe this.

Had Liverpool swung the axe early on then they wouldn’t currently be reaping the benefits.

Will another appointment guarantee immediate success from a United team that don’t seem to want it?