MITCH COOK’S COLUMN: Rooney’s a great choice for skipper

Wayne Rooney is the perfect choice for England captain
Wayne Rooney is the perfect choice for England captain

I think it is a great decision to make Wayne Rooney the captain of the England team.

The criteria of the role in many international teams is the fact that you are the best player and Rooney certainly fits the bill.

Hopefully he’ll do a good job for us, starting this week against San Marino and Poland.

I think he has learnt from his misadventures in the past after being thrust into the limelight as a 16-year-old boy.

I have worked with younger players myself and they are prone to doing the odd stupid thing as they grow up.

I don’t think Rooney has picked up a booking all season, which does say something about him.

It looks to be a move forward and I hope it is something that is made permanent. The probability is that he will be around for the next World Cup and I’m sure he, alongside Joe Hart, will be somebody that will start most of the games.

His performances have been fantastic as well. If you look at him last weekend when he came back from injury for Manchester United against Newcastle, he was unplayable.

He is somebody who can see a pass, track back and score a goal, so maybe he is the perfect midfielder for England. That could be his position as his age ticks on into the mid-30s.

In contrast to that decision, I have found some of the selections strange ahead of the San Marino game.

Roy Hodgson has left Steven Caulker out of the squad after he impressed in the Olympics and has become a regular for Spurs.

He is playing for the under-21s now, which is baffling.

We could put a team out from the Conference to beat San Marino and yet we are panicking because Ashley Cole might not be available and we have lost John Terry.

This is the perfect opportunity to blood players at international level and if it doesn’t work out then you take it on board and move on.

You would expect England to beat Poland as well after that as well. People are looking at four points from the two games but I think we should be picking up six.

Another strange thing for me was the situation around the newly-opened St George’s complex in Burton.

England have a game on Friday night, yet they choose to travel down on the Wednesday to stay at a plush hotel in London.

St George’s is only two hours away, what is wrong with travelling down on the day of the game?

There is a massive expense in setting up this place, building a hotel on the site and everything like that.

So it makes absolutely no sense to be staying at a hotel in London when they don’t need to.

Either St George’s is the home or it should have been built closer to London. There is an international break when they players are on duty for 10 days. They will only spend two of those days at St George’s.