More frustration for chairman Plumpton as Filey quit Sunday League

Filey Flyers player-manager Dave Brannan Jnr (blue) in action last season
Filey Flyers player-manager Dave Brannan Jnr (blue) in action last season

Scarborough News Sunday League chairman Mark Plumpton is facing a frustrating period after two teams have quit the league following their AGM last month.

Established first division club Filey Flyers have resigned from the league, following division two outfit Angel, who quit following the AGM.

The league are holding a special meeting next week to discuss how their constitution will change heading into the season, with Whitby-based side First Inn Last Out a possible like-for-like replacement for Flyers in division one.

Plumpton said: “It’s all very frustrating.

“We’re trying hard to improve the league and get back to three divisions and get new clubs into the league and we didn’t expect to lose an established club like Filey.

“Filey is a big place and it’s strange to think of them not having a team in our league.

“First Inn Last Out couldn’t make the AGM, but they’re keen to come into the league and wouldn’t object to being put straight into division one.

“We will put that to the other clubs at next week’s meetings and see what they say.

“If the clubs are happy with that we’ll have a first division of 10 teams and a 13-team second division, which is a good number going forward.”

Despite rumours of other sides, including Itis Itis, struggling ahead of the 2014/15 season, Plumpton is adamant no further teams will be pulling out before the new campaign.

“As far as I’m aware there are no other teams pulling out,” added Plumpton.

Flyers’ Dave Brannan said: “I’ve decided to focus on trying to get cricket more organised and most lads weren’t showing much interest in playing.

“I asked everyone if they fancied doing it and nobody wanted to.”