OPINION: B team plans won’t change a thing

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Football Association chairman Greg Dyke this week laid out the plans for the formation of B teams in the English game.

This could result in a number of second teams from Premier League and Championship clubs slotting into a proposed void around the League Two and Conference section of the pyramid.

Dyke has underlined this scheme to help the progression of home-grown players in our game.

This is a plan that has worked in Spain, Holland and Germany, but would it be something that would pay off in our country, given the established history of our football pyramid?

Maybe something else needs to change before this venture is even thought about.

If you look at the percentage of foriegn players in the Premier League it sits at a hefty 62.2, while Germany (49.5), Spain (37.5) and Holland (36.6) are nowhere near that.

In these other countries the younger players would gain experience at lower levels and then be given the chance to progress into the first team set-ups.

In this country a player for Liverpool B would do a few seasons there, be kept out of the first team by a Belgian and then they’ll end up at Tranmere or Southport with their confidence shattered.

If young players are good enough abroad then they are given a chance, whereas in this country they find themselves third or fourth in the pecking order, and all because the Premier League is competing to be the best league in the world.

Many people have said that there should be a limit to the number of foreign players in the English top flight and I agree 100 per cent.

This is how you improve young players, by giving them a chance and it would also save clubs hundreds of millions of pounds, that could be pumped into improving the academies and coaching.

No doubt you’ll still get the Manchester Citys of this world who will break rules, pay the £50million fine and then put up £160million on Lionel Messi.

Clubs like these are the problem, linked with the importing of managers who have no afinity with our country.

If the FA want to make England great again, they need to clamp down rather than adding a new league to the already bursting pyramid.