Our Man in Brazil - World Cup Diary with Alastair Yeomans

World Cup Diary with Alastair Yeomans
World Cup Diary with Alastair Yeomans

Friday June 20

We heard the news as soon as we landed in Rio from Sao Paulo.

When we took off, Costa Rica were 1-0 up on Italy.

As we turned on our phones as the plane taxied on the runway, it was like a moment on ‘Strictly’.

And the winners are… suspense… not England.

Final score: Costa Rica 1-0 Italy.

England out of the World Cup with a game left to play.

We are flat, quiet.

Saturday June 21

Despite our disappointment, we still have to attend Press Conferences ahead of the final game against Costa Rica.

Just because England are going home, much of the rest of the World is still enthralled by the World Cup.

For some reason, a Brazilian television station wanted to interview me about the England team.

I almost managed to keep a straight face despite my colleagues dancing about in the background trying to put me off (we sometimes regress into childhood as tiredness and homesickness kicks in).

I can’t believe they’ll actually put my loud shirt on television in Brazil. It belongs on the cutting room floor!

It feels like the end of an era. Our last ‘one on one’ interviews on this trip with Roy Hodgson and Steven Gerrard tomorrow and possibly our last ever with Frank Lampard.

At the end of it, I drop all pretensions of professionalism and ask my hero for a photograph.

Like the top man he is, he obliges.

Sunday June 22

Our last day at the England training camp in Rio before flying to Belo Horizonte for their final game against Costa Rica.

It’s all been a bit of a rush in the tournament so far so it was nice to have time to test a local delicacy at lunchtime.

Seafood – crab, prawns and shrimp mixed with cheese, rolled into a ball and baked.

Mmmm! I think I prefer haddock from Scarborough but, when in Rio…..