PAUL FOOT: Digging in is vital

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It is quite clear that the standard of our performances in the last two games hasn’t been good enough.

The lads set the standard when they went on that great run just a few weeks ago and they will know in their hearts that they are playing below-par.

We’re not going to go in there and tell them off, we have been telling them the truth instead.

For us it is all about figuring out how to get things back to where we were.

Maybe a few people need a rest because we have a small squad of players.

Many of the lads have been playing with injuries, which is something we appreciate.

Much of it is all about respect between us and the players.

That is something we have been trying to instill since we took over as joint-managers.

On Saturday we dropped Matty Plummer because he has had a couple of off games.

Before this though he was in great form for us at right-back.

I asked Matty if everything was okay and we spoke about a few things.

As long as we give the players reasons for our decisions then we’ll maintain a good relationship.

It is hard going from winning to losing, but it is all a learning curve for me as a manager.

When we started the whole thing seemed a little easy, but it is challenging when you see the other side of things.

You have to decide how much you can tinker with the team before you do too much.

At times it just comes down to heading and kicking it at the back and getting stuck in when you play in midfield.

We do encourage the lads to play, but sometimes you have to grind things out.

We know the lads can play football, you should see them in training. I’ve stopped getting involved because I can’t cope.

But when you are playing on bad surfaces in horrible windy and rainy conditions, it just comes down to digging in, which is something we’ll be looking to do over the next few weeks.