Paul Foot: Enjoyment the key with no pressure

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Our main job at the moment is to make sure our players feel no pressure heading into the new season.

Obviously the fans have their ambitions, and if things don’t go our way in games then they will rightly have their say.

Currently the only pressure is created by the signings we have made.

But we all have to take that in our stride, we have said all along that it is all about the lads enjoying themselves on the pitch and doing things right. The rest will take care of itself.

The only person feeling it at the moment is probably me because I have always put the pressure of a huge desire to win on my shoulders.

If it doesn’t work out then I get fed up. This is something I have to deal with, but I make sure that it doesn’t rub off on the players.

We are surrounded in this league by well organised, strong sides, such as Bamber Bridge, Spennymoor and Northwich.

The first few months of our time in charge was something of a learning curve, and from that we have worked out that you need height, muscle and grit. We have added that during this pre-season.

We learned plenty from Darlington last season, especially in our home game.

They took off two high-earning strikers, who were put under wraps by our defenders, and brought two more on - they made the difference.

If I look at our side though, I think the lads compare very well with some of the best teams I’ve played in.

They are probably one of the main reasons that I’m not playing at the moment. The one-touch stuff they do in training would just make me want to kick them.

I was a part of some great North Ferriby teams down the years, this team is right up there with them.

They all come from above, which is so important as a club trying to progress.

We maybe need to look at the off-the-field togetherness, but with buses going to some of our away games this season, that is something we’ll be working on.