Paul Foot: There are positives from a tough week

Paul Foot
Paul Foot

This column definitely isn’t an easy one to write because we don’t want to be seen to be saying the same thing week in, week out.

I hope everyone can see from the reaction we got on Tuesday night that Bryan (Hughes), myself and each of the lads are working very hard to get things going.

It has been a challenging week for the club, but it isn’t all doom and gloom.

We have been told to cut back the playing budget because the fans haven’t been coming through the turnstiles.

This isn’t anybody passing the buck. When your club is a fan-based club, that is the main income source. That is a fact.

We said to each of the lads that if they wanted to leave just let us know.

The good thing is that they all wanted to stay.

They also told us that they wanted to stay at the club for me and Bryan, which was great for us to hear.

They feel that they have put us in this position, but that isn’t completely the case.

We are all in this together, so we have all done it.

They have shown us the loyalty, so we will be digging in even further to repay them and get the club back to where it wants to be.

Some of these lads have taken a decent knock in wages, but they respect us as their managers and they also respect the honesty that we have shown them.

I don’t like to draw up comparisons between ourselves and teams like Chelsea because of the distance between the two clubs in standings.

But at the moment they are the mirror image of us.

Both teams had good seasons last time out, but at the moment neither ourselves or Chelsea can get that win on the board that we need.

Jose Mourinho said this week that Chelsea’s levels in training are fantastic, as is the same with ourselves.

Fortunes have to change and I’m confident that will happen for ourselves and also Chelsea.

When things happen like they have it brings you closer together as a bunch, which is definitely something that has happened with us.

I believe that after this we will come out a good deal stronger as a group.