Perrie backs the men in black

Man in black Perrie Bunton has his say
Man in black Perrie Bunton has his say

Last weekend saw plenty of questions being asked about the men in black across the country, many coming from Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Local referee Perrie Bunton has cast his eye over the action and revealed his thoughts on the big debates.

He said: “Every weekend new scenarios appear from our game, with players and managers alike always having something to say about refereeing decisions.

“Last weekend saw one of these highlighted on Super Sunday, leaving some talking points from managers’ views.

“The Arsenal v Chelsea clash saw Juan Mata open the scoring, though Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger saw something wrong with the initial tackle leading up to the goal and he proceeded to shout to the referee as well as the fourth official.

“In my view it’s not going to get you anywhere as referee’s will not turn around and change the decision, once it has being given then there is no turning back.

“Manchester United and Tottenham also came together at White Hart Lane and controversy followed with a shout for a penalty after about 70 minutes.

“Steven Caulker and Wayne Rooney came together in the box and the officials worked together to come to the conclusion that nothing should be awarded.

“After the match Sir Alex was quick to ask the officials for their take on the incident, the studio also joined in on the debate.

“What they tend to forget is that referee and officials have a matter of seconds to make their ruling.

“Fans, managers and pundits have the benefit of a replay, therefore they can assess every little detail over again.

“From a refereeing point of view, all these people seem to see are the negatives from a game.

“People are quick to criticise but don’t often praise officials for the job that they do.

“After the game you will often see the managers and players confronting the officials as soon as the final whistle goes, this even occurs at lower leagues.

“Referees are not going to have a debate on the pitch in full view of thousands of fans for the simple reason that this should be a talk between to two people, not and open debate.

“A lot of people have also said that referees should have an interview straight after the game like managers do.

“I strongly object to this, one reason being that you will see people hurling question after question and once again it will just a free-for-all for people to criticise the officials, nothing good

will come from this.”