Plumpton’s high hopes for Sunday League

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Newly-appointed Scarborough News Sunday League chairman Mark Plumpton is eager to help raise the profile of his league.

Plumpton, who took the job during the summer, is also the manager of second division side Ayton, so he is in for a busy season.

He is also taking on the role of fixtures/results secretary, one of many changes within the league committee.

Tony Walker remains as the league secretary, ref Nigel Trotter is the registration secretary and Ben Naylor is the new referee’s secretary.

The new chairman said: “I think making these changes will help the league run smoothly and also take a lot of the responsibility off Tony’s shoulders as he has been doing nearly everything for years and it is not fair on him.

“Over the years I have seen numerous comments on social media stating how the Sunday League is a laughing stock, and that is even coming from people playing in the league and I want to change that kind of image I would like us to have a more serious image.

“The new roles mean that anyone with a query about a fixture, a ref or a registration form can now ask different people rather than just quizzing Tony all the time, which leaves him clear to focus on the serious job of being league secretary.”

Plumpton added: “I have also been keen to improve the image of the league around town and we have already gained a few new sponsors already, Manor Road Stores are going to sponsor the Kenward Cup, my company Goal Sports are taking on the sponsorship for the Mcain Cup and P Smith Awards & Promotions are the new sponsors of the Senior Cup.

“This, along with sponsorship of M Wasley, Chapman & Co accountants, shows that we are heading in the right direction by developing more links with businesses in the community.”

Plumpton is also aiming to strengthen links between the Sunday League and other sporting leagues and clubs.

“I am keen to set up links with the Scarborough Saturday League, we also have some contact with Scarborough Athletic about possibly playing them in the future and also will try to link up with the Minor League - with the eventual aim of seeing the older under-16s teams move up into the Sunday League which does not seem to be happening much nowadays. It would be great to see a Holt FC or an Eastfield Sports team step up into the senior game via our league.

“Although the Boro Reserves v Sunday League game did not quite work out in the summer they are keen to play us again next year and Boro have an idea to make it a festival of football. I also like the idea of the Saturday and Sunday Leagues meeting in a match and this could help forge stronger links between the two organisations as I think it would make local football much stronger if we can work together.”

Plumpton is also encouraged by the work Naylor has already undertaken in his new position.

“Ben has signed up four new referees for the list already, including the return of Mick O’Brien, who is a very experienced referee.

“I am also hoping that the league can arrange a referees course in the future.”

Plumpton is also aiming to work more closely with the North Riding FA, which will be helped by the fact that his friend Steven Dorey is the new development officer for the North Riding FA.