Reid happy to be back with Boro

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Returning Scarborough Athletic keeper Arran Reid is looking forward to getting back to grips with the number one jersy at Rudy Funk’s club.

Reid started his second spell at Boro last week after arriving from derby rivals Pickering Town.

The move was rushed through following the retirement of Steve Wilson in time for him to play at Maltby in the 2-2 draw and then in the 2-1 victory at Arnold.

Reid said: “It all came about from Tony Brown ringing me by accident. He asked how things were and things progressed from there.

“It was a shame to leave Pickering because it is obviously great playing for my dad Jimmy, but I really enjoyed my first spell at Scarborough so it wasn’t that hard a decision to make.

“My dad wanted to help Scarborough out so they came to a quick agreement and that allowed me to play at Maltby.

“Pickering is a brilliantly run club, but I’m glad to be back at Scarborough because it is a club going places and the fans are amazing.

“Only Ryan Blott, Dave Kemp and Paddy Miller are left from when I played before, but it is clear that we have a much better squad from when we gained promotion in 2009.

“It will be an interesting finish to the season because we have games against Pickering and Tadcaster, two of my old clubs. As long as we keep on ticking over I think we’ll be right in there when it matters.”

The former York City stopper is still keen to progress back through the leagues and he is keen to do this with Boro.

He added: “Moving back up through the game is all I have ever wanted to do.

“I have held myself back in recent seasons because I have a decent job and there is always the worry that things might not work out.

“Scarborough are a big club and they have the capability to do exactly that. I see this as a long-term move for me.”

Reid impressed as Boro got back to winning ways on Saturday when the grabbed a 2-1 success at Arnold Town.