Residents must back sports village project

MAIN TRIP ... Boro's Gary Hepples fires at goal during their 6-0 win at Maltby Main
MAIN TRIP ... Boro's Gary Hepples fires at goal during their 6-0 win at Maltby Main

THE plans are in place for a new sports village in Scarborough, but it now seems that only just over half of the town actually want the Weaponness Project to go ahead.

The Council received 408 completed questionnaires about the project and then another 54 letters on top of this. When it came to it only 64 per cent of the respondents were in favour of having sports facilities and ultimately football in the town.

Why I ask?

I know the people that did respond are just a small proportion of the 50,000 or so people that live in the town, but it is worrying that there does seem to be such a little backing.

I’m sure that at least 90 per cent of Scarborians donned their scarves and looked for the result when Scarborough took on Chelsea in 2004 and many more probably turned out on the streets when the GM Vauxhall Conference winning team took to the open-top bus around the town back in 1987.

Then before my time there were the FA Cup runs and the FA Trophy pushes, which must have sparked a fair bit of interest in Scarborough. Do the townsfolk not want these times back again?

The new Weaponness could be the spark for those glory days to return, though obviously it won’t be an immediate thing.

Every town and city needs a football team playing at the highest level that it can. I spend a good number of my Saturdays travelling around the north to villages that currently boast their teams playing in their own ground, something Scarborough doesn’t have.

I was at one of these towns on Saturday and because of my own stupidity I had to pay to report on a Scarborough team for the first time in my career as a journalist.

This was much to the disappointment of my lovely wife, who had to cut a fiver off her Monsoon spending spree for the weekend.

A couple of years ago, I’m not sure if I was in a bad mood or what, but I made the error of referring to Maltby’s pitch as being like one of the local slag heaps. This comment was a little harsh and has come back to haunt me in recent seasons.

Maltby’s officials read my comments, went straight to their local paper and hammered me.

I missed the trip to the quaint South Yorkshire town last season, though my stand-in James Hunter was asked on a number of occasions where I was. I’m still not sure what they would have done with me if they had found me.

Anyway, I got there on Saturday, a little late due to transport issues, I paid my money and I watched the full game without any grief.

I thought I was going to have to wear a top hat and a fake beard.

It turns out that the pitch wasn’t that bad, in fact it played quite nicely for Boro, who scored six goals.

I hope that Maltby Main FC will accept my humble apology if offence was caused by my previous scribings - I have definitely been to worse grounds.