RUDY FUNK: Behind every good manager is a great number two

Boro boss Rudy Funk's weekly column
Boro boss Rudy Funk's weekly column

Scarborough Athletic made a great decision going forward this week when we announced the appointment of Bryan Hughes and Paul Foot as my assistant managers.

It took me a long, long time to get over the departure of Darren France and at any other club at this level, you could probably get by without replacing him.

But we are Scarborough Athletic.

We are ambitious and we want to move the club forward, and I’m very confident we will do just that with Bryan and Paul (both pictured) helping me.

I had a meeting with the board and outlined how I want to take things forward over the next few years.

A huge part of that plan was getting the right people in the right positions, and that very much includes Bryan and Paul.

Bryan and Paul are tremendous people to have at the club and I’m delighted that they’re going to be working alongside me as we look to progress Scarborough Athletic.

I had a number of different people approach me to take on the role, but Bryan and Paul are already with the club and they know what is required here.

They bring very different qualities to the table and will definitely compliment each other, and myself.

It was important for me that I didn’t just get a yes man involved.

There would be no benefits whatsoever in me having someone who just agrees with me all the time, and these two guys certainly won’t.

They are their own people and will speak their minds when they need to.

Bryan is a very disciplined person who has been there and done it at the highest level, and I doubt there will be many players around who have played as many non- eague games as Paul.

You have to start somewhere in management.

Just because you’ve been a good player, doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a good coach or manager.

There have been many great partnerships over the years. Bobby Robson nurtured Jose Mourinho and Brian Clough needed Peter Taylor by his side.

I know Bryan and Paul will help move Scarborough Athletic forward.