RUDY FUNK: Biggest news in Scarborough football history

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When the news came through about the confirmation of the Weaponness Sports Village this week I was so very excited.

It was like being a young child and opening the best ever Christmas present.

It is great winning promotion or doing well in cup competitions, but this is bigger than that.

It is probably the biggest situation in the history of football in this town.

Obviously the old club had a fair amount of success, but football returning to Scarborough is just huge.

I have now been involved with Scarborough football for a number of years and I haven’t been to a game when somebody hasn’t asked me if I think we’ll be moving home.

Now I can tell you that we are moving home and not just that, moving to a home for the club.

It is absolutely massive, I am so pleased for the fans and everyone at the club.

I would like to say a big thank you to our chairman Dave Holland and the cluster of other people who have worked tirelessly to get this the green light.