RUDY FUNK: City hurt by lack of Champions League support

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I sat back to watch Manchester City’s game at CSKA Moscow on Tuesday night and I was amazed with what I saw.

Because of the fact that it was played behind closed doors just seemed to turn it into a dead game with no atmosphere. Not what you want for a Champions League fixture.

I also thought it was harsh on the Manchester City fans who would usually have made the trip.

They have done nothing wrong so why couldn’t they go over and support their team?

If that fixture was played in front of a full stadium then it would have been a completely different match.

The fans would have whipped up the players by booing the referee, cheering a challenge or just getting involved.

I also believe that the lack of support is why City didn’t go on to win the game.

The gulf was massive between the two teams, but at 2-2 their players seemed to shut off.

You feel support as a player and you also feel it as a manager from the touchline.

Fans have such a big input on any game of football.

Sometimes managers get a little tied up in tactics and the other issues.

We are all professional, but sometimes the fans remind you of things with their shouts and their calls.

It all seemed too easy at 2-0 for City and maybe they needed a change because they were too comfortable.

The fans may have picked up on this and they would have made their point.

They see things as we do in the dug-out.

If a player loses a ball or has gone off the boil then fans make you aware of it.

Sometimes as a manager you overlook things when you are concentrating so much.

That is no different from the big teams down to the teams at our level.

We all go out there and do the job to the best of our ability, but it is so easy to overlook things.

That makes support and supporters so important.