RUDY FUNK: Final date is great news for neighbours City

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We will all be scrambling for tickets for this season’s FA Cup final after Hull City booked their place at Wembley at the weekend.

It is amazing how well they have done this season and it is great news for this area that they are really moving forward.

They have worked out a certain formation that works perfectly and because of that they have turned in some superb performances, not only in the FA Cup, but in the Premier League.

Hull are a team that have worked their way up from the bottom end of the Football League, helped more recently by a financial injection.

If a city like Hull didn’t have a team in the top flight of English football then there would definitely be something wrong.

I am over the moon for the club and the city because there is so much hard work put into the football there.

We are fortunate enough to have set up some links with Hull as well, which has worked brilliantly for us.

We have had a couple of players on loan this season, for which we are very grateful.

We also have Bryan Hughes in our squad, a player who spent plenty of time at the Tigers earlier in his career.

We can also describe them as our neighbours even though we are a few rungs lower in the ladder.

When Scarborough FC were in the Football League they set up a number of links with local clubs and fortunately for us that is what Hull have done as well.

Hull have helped us out, not only with loan deals, but also with other information, such as training regimes and nutrition.

I would love it if we as a club could pay them back with any favours in the future.