Rudy Funk: Getting into the community

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It seems that winter is finally here, bringing everything on the football front to a complete standstill.

We haven’t been able to train as a group, but the feedback I have been getting from the lads has been good.

They have all been doing their bit individually, which shows their determination and will for success at the end of the season.

The attitude of everyone in that changing room is fantastic.

We also have the characters as well, people like Robbie Hawkes and Tommy Adams, that keep the laughing, joking and banter going.

When it gets serious though they are great players to have as well.

One thing I have noticed this season is the relationship our players have with our supporters.

Obviously it is vital that the manager and the fans have to have a relationship because we need the feedback going both ways.

Neither players or fans are shy about talking to each other at this club and mostly on first-name terms, which is great for this club.

I have been at other clubs and seen a them and us barrier, which is something I hate.

Sometimes you get players who have their own ego trips and that can only cause problems.

All you have to do is look at Darren Kelly, Tony Hackworth, Denny Ingram and Steve Wilson, who all have heavy pedigrees, but they are so down to earth with that hunger to go with it.

I have been at clubs on the continent when I used to play and many were family orientated, which is exactly what we are trying to install.

We all fight hard together as a club to push things forward, from the supporters to the board, the team, the reserves and the youngsters.

I hold my hand up this season and say that I haven’t been able to spend as much time with the youngsters and the reserves, but that is because we have been focusing so hard ongetting things right with the first team.

Things are getting there with the first team as the changing room showed after the Thackley win.

I have said before that you had to see it to believe it.

The hunger and the desire was unbelievable, it was something you just can’t teach.

Lets just hope that the lads keep on buzzing for the remaining weeks of the season.