RUDY FUNK: Hard-earned win keeps run going

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Saturday’s game against Eastwood Town really wasn’t the easiest, but it was great to keep our run going.

Eastwood really deserve a pat on the back because they showed how determined a club they are.

After losing their manager they are trying to get back on track and I really hope they do.

All 22 players that started the game worked tremendously hard, but our battling was typified by our subs, especially Ben Middleton’s never-say-die attitude.

Steve Ridley and Liam Shpeherd also came on and worked their socks off, but that is something that is just running throughout our squad at the moment.

Ryan Blott is another example of this.

He wasn’t quite right at the beginning of the season, but we had a sit down and now he is playing with a smile on his face alongside Gary Bradshaw.

We have a sequence of tough games coming up over the Christmas period, starting with Loughborough on Saturday, followed by Goole on Boxing Day, leaders Leek on December 28 and then Lincoln United on New Year’s Day.

It is a tough run of a lot of games, but everyone is in the same boat at us.

We have boosted our ranks in recent weeks by adding David Brown, while Mike Atkinson has signed full-time for us as well.

There are others waiting in the wings to give us a bit of a helping hand along the way.

Our team spirit was underlined last Saturday night when the lads went for their festive night out in Doncaster.

All the lads went out in Christmas jumpers to keep in with the feel of the season.

I didn’t go out myself because I’m too old for things like that, my jumper would have been from the 1960s.

The lads do need time to themselves though so they can go out and let their hair down without the fear of the manager behind them.

The team spirit was there once again because it wasn’t just eight or nine that went out, it was all of them.