RUDY FUNK: Mixed views on the antics at Goole

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The biggest news to come out of the Evo-Stik South division this week was the video of a skirmish between Goole skipper Karl Colley and a fan.

Karl was sacked for this by the club after the game and I would have done the same to one of my players without any shadow of a doubt.

He is a player I know, I have seen him play on a number of occasions, the strange thing is this behaviour doesn’t seem like something he would do.

I don’t know the circumstances of what happened or what triggered the outburst, but there is no place for behaviour like that in football.

One thing I can say in Karl’s defence is the fact that I know how personal some of the abuse can be from fans because I have had it myself over the years.

It seems that he has gone out there to do his best for his team, he has received his marching orders before enduring some nonsense from the fans, because of that things have got a bit out of hand.

At times the abuse isn’t fair for players, but I suppose these fans are entitled to their opinions because they come along and pay their money.

There should be a mutual respect between players and supporters, but at times there isn’t.

This reaction from Karl is something you don’t see very often in football though and quite rightly he was dismissed straight away.

There is a train of though that says if you are in it and you can’t handle it then you should get out.

We have seen it in the past at any level of football though, when the red mist descends even the most experienced of people can snap.

Eric Cantona’s kung fu kick is the perfect example.