RUDY FUNK: Moyes spell ends too early

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I don’t understand football anymore after what has happened at Manchester United over the past few days.

David Moyes was given a six-year contract as manager and then all of a sudden he is gone.

When Moyes arrived at the club he was aware of the size of the club and that he needed to change things after Sir Alex Ferguson.

There wasn’t a lot of movement in the transfer windows, everything just seemed geared up for when the season finishes.

The normal routine is for the new manager to bring players in and ship players out after having a bit of time to look at the,.

There was no signal from the United board that they would then go and sack him on Tuesday.

I do have some sympathy for United because they have been successful for so many years.

They are used to being in the Champions League and winning the Premier League title.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture though.

Maybe a little bit more patience was required, clearly Moyes needed some time to make the changes that needed to be made.

What sort of message does it send out?

It must be stressful for any manager in such a high profile job. One minute you are signing a six-year deal and then because things haven’t gone to plan, you are gone.

It just seems that there is no room for error anymore.

If you look at Real Madrid and Barcelona they have similar philosophies.

They change managers frequently as well.

Jose Mourinho got it right at Real for a short time, then he moved on when things changed little.

It is the manager that always gets the push, despite the fact that the players, especially in United’s case, have let the club down.

The players just haven’t been up to Manchester United standard this season.

Sometimes players respond to different people in differnt ways, but you have to question why they have played with so little passion for so many months.

The manager is there to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but the players are playing for the badge and the club.

It is the club paying their wages, so they should sometimes shoulder the blame as well.