RUDY FUNK: Our fans deserve credit

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Many people have been talking about our attendances this week, but I for one can’t fault our fans.

I will defend them to the hilt, especially as I know the problems they face first hand.

They all travel to matches and when the games rotate between a Tuesday and a Saturday it takes its toll.

It is no different for me apart from the fact that I am on duty.

I get in at 1 or 2am in the morning and then start thinking about my next training session - but that is my job.

I appreciate that our fans can’t come to every match we play.

I know that a number travel from all parts, so it would be impossible for them to make two matches in a week.

I feel for them, but that is the nature of the game and how busy a season it is.

When you have a bit of a cup run that kind of thing happens, and we have had a number of replays in our recent adventure.

I appreciate the effort of every fan who comes through our tunstiles, they make a difference.

Not only in cheering on our side, but also to the finances we have to work with at the club.

Of course it will be easier when Scarborough Athletic are back in town, rather than playing at Brid, but that is how things are at the moment.

We have everything going in the right direction at the moment and so if fans can make it to games then that makes it all the better for me.

If they can’t then it doesn’t mean they are not supporters of Scarborough Athletic.

I think they all deserve a pat on the back for supporting our club and I am behind each one of them 100 per cent.