Rudy Funk: Players committed to the cause

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I have never worried about players since the first day I started out as a manager.

There is talk about us hanging onto our good players after the departure of Ollie Banks to North Ferriby United, but if you look at our squad, which of our players isn’t a good player?

If somebody decides that they want to move on from the club then that is up to them. As soon as I get a sniff of it then they won’t be in my plans anymore.

It will be a case of good luck and auf wiedersehen pet.

It doesn’t matter how much these clubs come along and dangle the carrot in front of you, all you have to do is look at the club, there is no other club like Scarborough Athletic.

This point was proved on Saturday when we took 200 fans on a freezing January afternoon to Thackley.

How many more teams at this level or in the levels above do that.

Players like Tony Hackworth, Tommy Adams, Ryan Blott and Andy Milne showed all of this desire and appetite after Saturday’s game.

Even the subs had smiles on their faces after such a fantastic victory.

On Saturday we were fortunate enough to be able to replace Ollie Banks with Jimmy Beadle, but you only have to look at players like Robbie Hawkes, who could have slotted in and done a great job for us.

Robbie was outstanding at the start of the season, he was man of the match three or four times.

Since then he has had the odd problem with red cards and injuries, which have forced him out of the team.

I am somebody who likes to stick with a winning team, but there will always be chances for Robbie and the other lads because injuries and suspensions will occur.

I can guarantee that these lads will be champing at the bit to get in and do a job.