RUDY FUNK: Redfearn is the perfect choice for United

Neil Redfearn
Neil Redfearn

I thought that when Massimo Cellino took over at Leeds United it would settle the club down a little.

That hasn’t been the case though, he has just shaken things up and turned them on their head.

Finally they have settled on Neil Redfearn as manager after the swift sackings of David Hockaday and then Darko Milanic.

People and football fans from the Scarborough area know Redfearn as he was a player and then manager at the former Scarborough FC.

I don’t know him personally, but in the short stints he has had in charge of Leeds have supplied the club with some decent results.

I find it bizarre that he wasn’t given the opportunity before Hockaday and Milanic, but he has finally been given the chance, which I think is great news for Leeds fans.

He is somebody that knows and will use the younger players at the club and he also has a great understanding of the English game.

That is possibly something that Milanic didn’t have and probably resulted in his sacking.

No disrespect to Milanic, but it was possibly unfair to appoint him in the first place.

Finally now though I think that Leeds have the perfect man in charge and I hope they push on from here.

Meanwhile, I was left racking my brains when I heard that The Scarborough News were announcing an all-time Boro team this week.

So many magnificent players have turned out for or come out of Scarborough over the years, none better than striker Jeff Barmby, who would be my first on the list.

In terms of goals-per-game, I would put our current striker Ryan Blott alongside Jeff in attack and I also think that Tony Hackworth and Denny Ingram, who both played for me, should also have a look-in.

I hope you have as much fun as I did when you cast your mind back over the years.