Rudy Funk’s column: Greats like Gazza should be cherished

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The pressure in the game of football is something that continues after the dream career has come to an end.

Paul Gascoigne is one player that entertained us over the years and one of the former stars to be struggling at the moment.

While I was at Staveley I got to know Chris Waddle very well and he spent many an hour telling stories about his time with his mate Gazza.

Everyone was really fond of him as a player and because of his antics off the field because of that it is really sad to see what he is going through.

Last season we had Dean Windass at our club and this was at a bad time for him personally.

Many people look at the negativity of the situation, but I think it is good to look at what they brought to the game of football.

It can be hard at the end of a football career because you go from being in the spotlight to being a normal person.

Gazza is the perfect example of this. During his time at Spurs and when he played for England he was somebody that everyone wanted to watch.

Pressures aren’t limited to the top level of football though, you get them right down through the rungs of the football ladder.

Away from the cameras and the media it is still hard for clubs and players.

I watch Match of the Day on a Saturday night and the commentators tell us that losing one or two games at the top level means everything.

It is the same at our level, the only difference is the money and the skill factor.

The frustrating thing with part-time clubs is the fact that we don’t have the opportunity to put things right if a problem occurs.

At times you know what you have to do, but with games coming thick and fast there is nothing you can do about it.

We work with the tools we have. If we use them well then hopefully in the future success will be around the corner