Rudy Funk’s column: Here’s to a great festive period

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I really love the Christmas period, especially the tradition of football in this country.

Everywhere else in Europe they have a break from the action, but here we have the games piled in, which is fantastic.

The crowds tend to pick up as well because people have a little more spare time. It is a case of having a fantastic Christmas and then looking forward to the game on Boxing Day.

Obviously the players won’t be enjoying themselves in the same way as most people, but I’m sure they will all have a great Christmas.

We have spoke to them and told them to be sensible.

These aren’t juniors though, they are experienced lads who have been around the block, so they know not to over-eat and not to drink too much.

You can see straight away if they do because they will be heading over for a drink of water after 10 minutes. That is how I tell if they have been naughty or nice.

Before that we have a sad day for everyone at the club, as the funeral of former manager Brian France takes place this afternoon.

People have been saying that we need to win games for Brian, but that is something that we have been trying to do since I took over.

Every game was dedicated to him.

After games I asked Darren France to tell his dad about how we had gone on and how well we played.

He did that and it always made Brian happy.

Brian France is somebody that will always be a part of Scarborough Athletic, mainly because he is the man that started it and I would like to thank him for that.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to the fans as well after an amazing year of football.

I want to wish each of you a fantastic Chrismas and all the best in the New Year.

I also want to say that you need to keep believing in Scarborough Athletic.

This club isn’t about players and managers, it is about you. You make the difference, so keep on backing us.