RUDY FUNK’S COLUMN - Looking ahead to festive derby battle

Tony Hackworth scores against Brid last season
Tony Hackworth scores against Brid last season

The NCEL have once again had a great idea in putting ourselves and Bridlington Town together for a derby battle at Queensgate on Boxing Day this season.

There are a good number of derby games that can be played in this league and it does make perfect sense to position them at this point of the year.

On Boxing Day people like to get out of their houses after all the turkey and pudding. People need the fresh air, so the chance to watch a game of football is great.

It will be a big occasion, not just the game itself, but these matches are also great for the fans.

If you look back a couple of years, when Scarborough Athletic played against Brid at this time of year there was a crowd of 1,026.

To get that many fans through the turnstiles is massive.

There is always that bit of spice when derby games come around.

They may be our landlords, providing us with great facilities and an amazing surface, but when we go out on the pitch we are enemies.

After that 90 minutes we will all go into the clubhouse for a friendly pint though.

I just hope that we manage to pick up better results than we did last year against Brid.

You have to remember that they are important matches for the players as well as the fans.

That is why many are full-blooded because there is so much at stakes, with bragging rights being high on everyone’s agenda.

We do have a lot of football to play before then though, starting on Saturday when we entertain Glasshoughton.

Everyone is still a little bit hurt from the defeat on Saturday, but they will all be up for this one.

We may have a little bit of a change-around, but as long as we stick to our trademark passing game then I will be confident, especially on our big pitch.

We have also been blessed by a huge run of five home games in a row, which is a first for me as a manager.

It is so important to have your fans cheering you on and there is no better place for that than at Queensgate.