RUDY FUNK’S COLUMN: Players need their chance to chill out

A handful of Boro players and Danny Price fans celebrate after his win
A handful of Boro players and Danny Price fans celebrate after his win

This week there has been a bit of talk about what players have been getting up to away from the pitch.

In non-league football there isn’t that much control you can have over semi-pro players when the game time has passed.

I would just like to underline that we have a very good squad of players if you look at that situation. They all behave very well.

I thought it was good for the team that they went out on Saturday night in Liverpool, especially as they were supporting one of Scarborough’s top sports personalities in Danny Price.

I am not much in favour of players going out on a Saturday night as a group if we have a game on a Tuesday evening, but that wasn’t the case last weekend.

We are in an age when a good percentage of footballers at this level live like pros, with the good diet and the good home life.

Other players just couldn’t care less.

I have had players like that in the past and you have to work hard to make them feel a part of the team.

I keep tabs on the lads, though most of them don’t know that. I have information that comes back to me.

If I don’t think something is right or something doesn’t fit in then I will sort it out.

When you bring a team together, as we have over the past few year, you get a good idea of who to chose and who to avoid.

You have to allow a bit of freedom though, as managers in the past have done.

Kevin Keegan took his teams bowling and for a night out afterwards, other managers have done exactly the same.

It is all about getting your team to gel and if it works then it is job done.

There are always going to be cliques in teams, so it is important to break them up.

I always keep tabs on this kind of thing because it can be harmful.

It is important that everyone tries to get along.