Rudy Funk’s Column - Referees need to chill out

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Everyone knows that referees do have a difficult job, even if all the goal-line technology is introduced

Some of their toughest decisions are often made when the play unfolds in the centre of the park though.

These decisions have to be made in a split second, so it is a case of using your common sense to judge a marginal situation.

If two six-footers collide then the energy that the clash produces is always going to be ugly.

The argument says that it is going to be difficult to judge situations if you haven’t played the game of football and that is true.

It should be easier for refs at the top level though because they can watch videos of games and take bits from them.

At our level it is often different, but we also have videos at Scarborough Athletic, which is a huge boost for the club.

The FA say that to contest anything you have to have this evidence, so we are fortunate in that.

I often take a video of a match and watch it back, allowing me to study our performance and sometimes the performances of the referees.

We all make mistakes, I know that because I have made plenty, but there is one thing that makes me lose confidence in referees.

It is the fact that you can’t ask them a question after a game.

Quite often the only response you get is being told to go away.

I am usually as cool as a cucumber after a match, so I want to go for a chat about a situation, not to cause problems, but just to get their take on it.

When you approach them though they just seem to have their stand on it and they won’t accept anything else.

We have had a few referees that have come up to us after a decision, having realised that they have made the wrong call, and apologised.

If that is the case then I have nothing but respect for them.

But, in a time when respect for referees is at the top of the FA’s agenda, it is just one-way traffic with many.

Things tend to get worse for us when we are on our own pitch because we have that fantastic support behind us.

If something isn’t right then our fans will have a go and many referees just can’t handle that.

They tend to take the attitude that they will show us who is boss and it all goes wrong from there.

Often after games I will just go to a ref, offer my gentlemanly handshake and then walk away.

That isn’t the case with opposing managers because I always like to have a chat with them and possibly a drink in the bar, even if it has been heated during the game.

Maybe referees should take a leaf out of our book and loosen up a bit.