Rudy Funk’s Column: Things are set up nicely for our club to progress

Read Martin Dowey's Liversedge v Boro report at this weekend
Read Martin Dowey's Liversedge v Boro report at this weekend

Having spoken about the Weaponness project this week, it made me think where I picture Scarborough Athletic in the future.

Obviously the day we move back to Scarborough we need to be a club on the up, though the progress we have made over the past few seasons suggests that we will.

Things have been done in a professional manner, with our chairman Dave Holland reshuffling things behind the scenes, a move that has worked wonders at the club.

So in five years time, the structure we have in place now will allow us to make great strides.

The whole set-up has a business look to it now because football is a business.

Some people may disagree with that, but you have to look to the future, new generations, new ideas and new methods.

With the club on such a level grounding, I think Scarborough Athletic has to look towards Conference level.

Looking at the volume of the fans that currently attend games I think the club is perfectly poised.

There is a big gap after that to the Football League, but things have to be dealt with as they come.

I was only speaking to my chairman last week about this and how things can become stretched financially as clubs move on.

Much of this is about how you stick to the budgets you have in place.

As some teams go up they sometimes feel the need to bring in the big-time players that demand the big money.

Rather than this I prefer to sign players that offer you 100 per cent commitment during every game and every training session.

As long as you stick to these guidelines then it is an achievable aim.

Overspending can bring you immediate success, but it can also kill the club.

I have had some extraordinary lads that have approached me about signing, but they couldn’t fit within the boundaries that we need to stick to as a club.

Instead we now have 14 or 15 players who roll their sleeves up for each other in a family-like environment.

Obviously money does a great deal to turn people’s head, but these lads are just here because they love Scarborough Athletic.