Rudy Funk: Some of the lads let themselves down at Kidsgrove

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We’ve come away from our first two games in this division with mixed emotions.

To be perfectly honest, some of the guys let themselves down at Kidsgrove on Saturday and didn’t do themselves or the club justice.

Rudy Funk applauds the Boro fans

Rudy Funk applauds the Boro fans

To know how well organised and disciplined we can be, it was frustrating to see us have three men sent off.

You can’t just always blame the match officials for these things either.

Yes, he made some odd decisions, but we were partly to blame too.

I was so proud of the eight men who were left on the pitch though, they battled for the club and we came away with a well deserved point in the end.

Coming to Tuesday night, we showed a real class of football and to hear the fans saying how fantastic we were is just what I want to hear.

It was a fantastic performance and what is clear is how well the new recruits are blending with our existing players.

Some of the football we played was great and I’m pleased that our fans, or my big family as I like to call them, were impressed.

The fans of Scarborough FC and now Scarborough Athletic expect big things when they come to watch their football team, and to be honest, that puts me under great pressure to produce.

But I like that pressure and it drives me to succeed for this club and the fans even more.

From front to back the lads were superb, but the one who caught my eye was Jason White in goal. He made one of the best saves I think I’ve ever seen to keep it at 1-1 in the second half, and with him, Andy Milne and Sam Denton at the back, we look very solid.

I have to mention our reserves too, who are going from strength-to-strength.

They won their first two games in a higher division and are improving in great strides.