RUDY FUNK: The fans deserved better

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I would like to make a big apology to our fans for what happened after the game on Saturday.

Usually the players go over to the fans and give them a round of applause for their support during the game, but on Saturday they didn’t.

I have spoken to the players about this, which was obviously very disappointing because the fans mean everything to this club.

It is the least that the lads can do and I apologise for any upset that might have been caused.

The players were obviously disappointed with the result, so that is the only reason I can give for them not showing their appreciation.

If any fans make the trip down to Rainworth on Saturday when I will make sure this situation is rectified.

I will give them a surprise that they won’t often see in the game of football.

Another disappointing thing this week was the news that Eastwood Town had resigned from our league.

I was at Eastwood for 18 months, so obviously I was upset by the news.

During that time we had some good times, setting up an academy and I was also given the chance to work with some great people.

The husband and wife team of Paddy and Pat Farrell led the club superbly and things were always financially sound.

I have some great memories of when I was in charge in the days of the old Unibond League. We had some great players at our disposal.

I always sat down in the summer and spoke about finances with people that adored the club.

We worked our socks off to get sponsors and money into what was a happy club.

After my departure things changed a little and the money men came in.

We were on a sound foundation, but I can’t comment too much on the situation since.

Sometimes people get bored though and the money goes. When that happens disaster strikes.