Rudy Funk: Vital that we push on in the FA Cup

Boro boss Rudy Funk's weekly column
Boro boss Rudy Funk's weekly column

I have been brought up on the magic of the FA Cup, for me now it is always amazing to be involved in it.

The further you progress as a club the more you step into the limelight that every player wants.

In a league game you get a pat on the back and the well done, but in the cup there is the exposure, the highlights and the glory.

Things move onto a national scale, which is brilliant for a player.

That is why the top and bottom of it is the progress.

It is important to the club for a variety of different reasons.

We saw what happened with Scarborough FC in the past when they played against Chelsea, the amount of fans that came through the turnstiles was unbelievable.

They brought their flags and their drums and it created an amazing atmosphere.

If we can progress past Saturday’s game at Ashington then we have the chance of attracting one of the bigger clubs in the next round.

There is the financial side of things as well, which makes it so important that we go out and win the game.

The further you progress the better for the club in the long run.

Because the fans come down and want to be a part of the whole thing.

This Saturday and our chance to progress in the FA Cup really excites me. I hope it excites you.