Rudy Funk: We need to keep things moving on

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The day I’m happy with my squad at Scarborough Athletic will be the day I jack it in.

I look at in the way that you always have to keep strengthening so you don’t stand still.

The additions of Darren Kelly and Jimmy Beadle are perfect examples of this.

As well as being excellent footballers they also bring different things to the table.

They are both heavily experienced footballers to have at this level, so they know what to do, when to do it and how to talk to other players.

It is fantastic to have younger players learning from lads like Darren and Jimmy.

Andy Milne is a great defender, but there are still things he can pick up. That is the same with Pete Davidson and James Bennett, who can move on from playing with Jimmy.

Sometimes you have to bring new players in as well because of injuries to players, like we have because of the knocks that Sam Denton and Ollie Ryan have picked up.

Sam and Ollie are great lads to have at the club and I am hoping to welcome them both back in before the end of the season.

Speaking to Ollie he says he is feeling a lot better now and he has started to jog on the foot that he injured.

These are big players, but they are professional in the way they go about things as well.

When they pick up injuries things change around and I have to do the talking.

This is a part of the partnerships that you have to have between manager and player.