Saturday League bosses fume at Cup Final venue

Football protest Newlands manager Shaun Mancrief, left and Gary I'Anson with the complaint letter to the league about their cup final venue
Football protest Newlands manager Shaun Mancrief, left and Gary I'Anson with the complaint letter to the league about their cup final venue

TWO Saturday League managers have collaborated in writing to the Scarborough & District FA to record their disappointment at the decision to host the prestigious Harbour Cup final at Thornton-le-Dale this season.

Newlands manager Shaun Mancrief and Kev David, boss of Eastfield St James, have both penned letters to Scarborough & District FA secretary Keith Sales in a bid to get the venue for the final changed.



Both managers have been left fuming at the decision to host their hugely anticipated cup final at Thornton-le-Dale, and have both gone as far as to suggest a possible boycott of the game should an alternative not be arranged.

Newlands boss Mancrief said: “I’ve submitted a letter to the FA and I’m just waiting for a response now.

“We’re just wondering why the cup final between two Scarborough teams is going to be played in Thornton-le-Dale.

“Our lads have tried their hardest in this competition this season in the hope that they will get to play at a ground like Pickering’s or Bridlington’s.

“We took over 100 people to our cup final at Mill Lane last season and they all had a great time. I can’t imagine the same number wanting to go to Thornton and pay £2.50 to get in.

“We’re happy to travel to places like Bridlington and Pickering, but we have grounds like McCain’s and Seamer that are just as good as Thornton-le-Dale, so why can’t it be held there?

“I just can’t see the logic. We might even both pull out of the game altogether if it isn’t changed. We will definitely consider our position in this competition in the future as well.”

Eastfield boss David shares Mancrief’s views, and his club have also sent in a letter to the FA.

David said: “We’d almost rather play it up at Oliver’s Mount than out at Thornton-le-Dale.

“Why play the game there? It just doesn’t make any sense. I’ve spoken to Shaun and we’re both sending letters in to protest the decision.”

Scarborough & District FA secretary Sales said the problem is a lack of decent facilities in Scarborough.

He said: “We have tried to get two venues in Scarborough for the final.Both were unavailable for the date.

“It is not an issue of finance here, it is simply availability.

“The main problem that needs emphasising here is the pathetic facilities on offer in Scarborough.

“We have received a letter. But all communications have to come through the club secretaries.

“Until we receive a letter from the secretaries, there is nothing we can do.

“There are excellent facilities at Thornton-le-Dale. Parking, great playing surface, four changing rooms and a cafe for refreshments.

“We’ve held cup finals there before. We had the Junior Cup final there and minor cup finals as well.”