Scarborough Athletic handed FA Cup lifeline

weaponness valley coach park dec 09.jpg
weaponness valley coach park dec 09.jpg

SCARBOROUGH Athletic could still feature in the FA Cup despite the rule stating that the proposed 3G pitch for Weaponness Park would not be fit for the competition.

Should Boro wish to take part in the prestigious and potentially financially rewarding FA Cup, they could find an alternative venue with a suitable playing surface to host their home ties.

The FA’s County Development Manager, Steven Wade said: “Scarborough Athletic could indeed play FA Cup ties at an alternative venue that was suitable to host ties in this competition.”

At present, 3G pitches aren’t accepted for FA Cup ties, Wade added: “Pitches must conform to the FIFA 1 star standard or the equivalent International Artificial Turf Standard (IATS) in all competitions.

“For use in the relevant FA competitions the pitch must be certified and the certificate supplied to The FA before play is allowed.

“They (3G pitches) can’t be used in the FA Cup (all rounds) and the FA Youth Cup (proper rounds).”

There could be positive news on the use of 3G pitches in future years, as the trend of using the synthetic fibre pitches becomes more and more popular with clubs in volatile financial circumstances.

He added: I think the use of artificial pitches is one that is constantly under review by The FA.”