Season to forget for some

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THERE are seasons to cherish and seasons to look back on, but the 2010-2011 campaign was not one of them.

You don’t really expect much being a Derby County supporter, but Scarborough FC and Scarborough Athletic have always given me a route away from both shopping, and the Rams’ constant dives into another relagation battle.

Stability is the key in football. Sir Alex Ferguson’s success at Manchester United has shown this over the years.

Boro had this stability for a couple of seasons, then the sad chain of events that led to Brian and Darren France leaving the club, threw things somewhat into turmoil.

I had a great working relationship with both Brian and Darren.

I spoke to Brian every day, often at length. We have a call monitor on our phones at work and it often ticked past the 50-minute mark.

The one thing you knew that whether you were going to Queensgate or Hemsworth, there would always be the handshakes of Brian and Darren waiting for you.

The results had begun to tail off though, despite the arrival of Paul Olsson perking things up a little.

But it was getting tough to watch. Trips to Selby and Nostell on freezing January evenings were just not attractive.

This was something I hadn’t experienced before, even when Scarborough FC were about to sign off in the Conference North I still enjoyed my journeys out.

It didn’t get any better during the past few months of the campaign either, and it was something of a blessing when the curtain was brought down at Winterton.

There is an excitement now though. It may be the early stages of the cricket and holiday season, but I’m starting to look forward to the pre-season clashes.

Rudy Funk breathes positivity and he has promised the players, the results and the glory.

It is amazing how much difference a winning team can make. Even Nostell on a Tuesday with snow fluttering down seems an interesting prospect. I might even go to Arnold next season!

While it has been dour at Scarborough, it has been less so at the surrounding clubs.

Brid once again pushed the top few, using many a player that had once graced the Boro team.

The 5-0 smashing of Boro in March was a hefty highlight of this.

Pickering also recovered well after a poor start to the campaign, and finished seventh.

The arrival of Mitch Cook made an enormous difference there, a number of Pikes fans have said that it was one of their best seasons for some time.

They also put Boro to the sword by five goals, in Funk’s first game.

Things are now set up nicely and there may be a few interesting switches around over the next few months.

The fact that Mitch has moved his way south-east to Brid will add a little extra spice to a few fixtures next season.

Who knows, one of them could decide the title.