Sports Desk Column: Takeover could help Boro return to rightful place

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Rumours are circulating town at the moment that a wealthy Scarborian is keen to take over Scarborough Athletic Football Club.

With the concerns about the dip in crowds and the possible ramifications of this on the squad this would be great news for the club.

Boro also had to pull their reserve team out of the Humber Premier League last week as they were struggling to fulfil fixtures in the wake of the departure of boss Gary Simm, so it has been a tricky season so far off the pitch for Athletic.

The mystery investor is rumoured to be a Scarborough businessman who no longer lives in the area, and if such a takeover occured then the current owners - the fans - would have to be consulted before any change of constitution could be implemented.

Many of the supporters who also followed the old Scarborough FC will be understandably wary of such a move, as many still blame a few of the owners of the old club for their demise in 2006.

I think the key to this potential move is that it is a local man showing interest, and this should provide an instant empathy between the fans and the owner.

I think if Boro are looking to step up a level or two and return to the Conference - and possibly even the Football League in the future, they will need help from someone with deep pockets.

The return to playing football in the town at Weaponness is crucial, as much as Bridlington Town do a great job in hosting the Boro games, the trips to Brid are beginning to take their toll on fans, in terms of petrol money and also in some cases time with it being an hour round trip.

The chairman of the club, Dave Holland, has stated in today’s paper that he is open to such an approach and that the directors have a responsibility to the town to consider such an option.

This is great to hear, let’s hope that the rumours prove to be true and the club can progress up the non-league pyramid.

As a youngster I saw Scarborough FC playing at a decent level, starting with a few games in the old Alliance Premier League and then the GM Vauxhall Conference, but was then treated to well over a decade of League football.

It is now nearly a decade since the town’s club played a competitive match in Scarborough and a generation is missing out on the experience of walking down to the ground and watching their local team play on a Saturday afternoon, as I did with my dad and brother for many years.

Lets hope that, if the move comes off, this businessman can help the club return to its rightful place.