Sports Desk Comment by Martin Dowey: Should Boro sit still or flourish

Sports desk comment
Sports desk comment

What are you in life? Are you ambitious or are you somebody that just sits still?

That looked to be what Scarborough Athletic boss Rudy Funk was eluding to when I spoke to him earlier this week.

A number of players from the rungs above have already been lulled by the overtures of Funk and his backroom staff.

Normally fans would be throwing street parties, as the commitment of Gary Bradshaw to Boro is similar in comparison to Wayne Rooney signing for Notts County.

But due to the spectre of Scarborough FC’s demise, supporters have cast their pondering eyes over any potential deals.

People may see this as me toeing my way along the party line, but isn’t it exciting to be having a good go at something.

Having done a bit of digging into last season’s finances, it seems that Boro “gambled” and yet still managed to break even, if not make something of a profit.

Why is that? Well it’s for two reasons.

Firstly because the fans paid their money at the gates, paid their Trust fees and also bought the merchandise, Boro’s only sources of income.

There were also some donations and some hard work from the commercial committee to boost the coffers.

The second reason was because Boro were flying high in the table, leading to some useful home attendances.

The club were speculating to accumulate and it worked.

Had Boro been sitting in 10th with 10 games remaining then the gates would have dipped dramatically, as they have in the past.

With the quality of players that Boro are bringing in, it tells me that the club could be in a similiar position when the new season reaches a climax.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Maybe not. Some are delving into budgets because they clearly don’t seem to trust the board they put in charge of their club, despite the fact that everything worked out nicely last term.

Why on earth would any club put out on record how much players are earning?

Not only does it give the other clubs in the division a huge insight into where the club are, but it could also kill any potential transfer dealings as other sides could gleefully nip in and snatch the player from under Rudy’s nose.

Other parts of these budgets can cost you long-term sponsorship deals, as businesses work out how much the other is paying to get their name on one part of the kit.

There are few times you get as a supporter when things go well, personally I’d get on and enjoy it.

There is the glimpse of a return to Scarborough around the corner, which could spell greater income streams.

By that point the team and the town needs to be buzzing rather than lolling around above the Evo-Stik first division drop zone.

Looking at it, the whole thing could be a lot worse, you could be fans of Newcastle United.