SPORTSDESK COMMENT: Henderson’s leap may change minds

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There have been debates among Scarborough Athletic fans as to whether the annual pre-season friendly against the Saturday League is a worthwhile exercise.

Many have said that it causes more problems than it is worth, and could lead to injuries to the Boro squad.

Sadly, it was Newlands’ Danny Jenkinson who fell foul of that fate, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

But Boro’s recent signing of Edgehill defender Lloyd Henderson will maybe change a few minds.

Henderson has come in and shown a great attitude, which has impressed bosses Bryan Hughes and Paul Foot.

Newlands’ boss Shaun Mancrief said before the friendly that the local players are all fit lads, and that helps bridge the gap.

It isn’t like when Scarborough FC took on local trialists and the fitness levels were 100 miles apart.

Attitude is key now and talking to Lloyd he is keen to come in, learn and play when he is selected.

The experience of playing under a former Premier League player and working with the wealth of knowledge Paul Foot has picked up from the non-league game is clearly enough.

He has also shown that willingness to break the clutches of the Scarborough leagues and move up.

Over the years there have been plenty of local players good enough to break into the Boro team, especially during their NCEL days, but the travelling has always been an obstacle too far.

There have been a few who have edged away from playing with their mates and it was no surprise when they did well.

The likes of David Thompson and Gary Hepples broke the trend and during their spells at Queensgate they played a part in the club’s success.

Scarborough Town also plucked a good few local lads, but they had grounding in the school of excellence, so they were used to putting in the miles.

If the first guise of Scarborough Town was still around then who knows what level they would be at?

Pickering have also been a solid rung for progression, but few have gone on.

Bryan Hughes has already stated that Henderson will be given a chance, so that will give us the opportunity to see how far that jump actually is.