Sportsdesk Comment: Liverpool need to get shot of Sterling

Liverpool's Raheem Sterling has dominated headlines this week
Liverpool's Raheem Sterling has dominated headlines this week

A lot of people are saying Liverpool are facing a tricky dilemma after Raheem Sterling demanded to leave the club this week.

I don’t think they are. For me it’s simple - if any player kicks up this much of a fuss to leave your club the debate immediately turns to getting the best price possible and moving on.

For a 20-year-old, who is yet to prove he belongs up there with the best, to come out and try and bully a huge club like Liverpool to sell him is absolutely ludicrous.

Sterling has one good season behind him, and yes, he was superb, but he had the likes of Luis Suarez and an in-form Daniel Sturridge playing alongside him in a team filled with confidence.

I’m not saying for a minute that Sterling couldn’t turn out to be a star, he certainly has the assets to do just that.

But to have the gaul to take on a club like Liverpool at such a young age with little or no honours to his name absolutely stinks of arrogance and mismanagement off the pitch.

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A visibly riled Jamie Carragher had a huge rant about Sterling’s agent leaking stories to the press on Monday Night Football after the news broke that the former QPR man wasn’t going to sign a new contract and wanted to leave.

Liverpool fans and former players, including Carragher, must be worried for the club with no Champions League football to look forward to and the imminent departure of club legend Steven Gerrard.

I would still get Sterling out for the best price and start the big rebuilding project now rather than waiting another year and getting half the transfer fee.

Yes, Liverpool will struggle to replace both Gerrard and Sterling at once, but without the lucrative revenue of the Champions League to call upon, the £30-40million they could get for Sterling is needed if they are to kick on.

They definitely need to replace Gerrard, and will of course have to get fresh blood in if Sterling does depart as expected.

They are also yet to replace Suarez properly and need to offload Rickie Lambert and Mario Balotelli and liven things up in attack.

Whatever the club and whoever the player in question is, it is always best to get rid than keep an unhappy player.

There is an old-fashioned view that clubs should show their strength, force these players to stay and train with the reserves and limit their game time.

Who is the winner there?

The player still takes home his wage packet, the club get no transfer fee or results on the pitch and you just have one miserable player wandering around the training ground.

Sterling is a talent, but nobody should ever be bigger than a club, especially one the size of Liverpool, and he’s no different.