SPORTSDESK COMMENT WITH AIDEN CARROLL: Easter crowd boom should lift clubs’ morale

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Easter weekend saw Scarborough RUFC and Scarborough Athletic break their attendance records, entertaining over 1,000 fans each.

The bumper crowds may have been disappointed by the results, but the large turnouts shows there is still an appetite for sport in Scarborough.

Athletic were hosts to Darlington, one of the biggest teams in the league, which is clearly a reason for the large crowd, but it can also be said that the club’s recent play-off push has contributed to the increase in fans coming through the turnstiles at Queensgate.

Fans are spending their hard-earned cash, so it makes sense for them to pick and choose the games they want to see, especially when they have to pay for travel to Bridlington.

After a disappointing start to the campaign, coupled with a rise in ticket prices, attendances began to dwindle, but Paul Foot and Bryan Hughes have helped change the club’s fortunes, which in-turn has helped to bring more fans to Brid to watch their side.

There is a togetherness at the club and the connection between the fans and the team is what makes Athletic special.

After all they have been through, the fans continue to do the club proud.

If Boro returned home it would not only benefit the club, but also the supporters, who could fully get behind their club and the attendances could be four figures on a weekly basis.

Having said that Boro could do more to keep higher attendances. They may want to target secondary schools with promotions that provide free or cheap travel to get teenagers into supporting their local side.

This is something the rugby club have done successfully.

That showed on Saturday with the fans that turned up in numbers at Silver Royd and did the club proud, as they do on a weekly basis.

The atmosphere at the game was as if it was a final, the fans will be disappointed they didn’t make it to Twickenham, but the side’s performance won the hearts of those in attendance, as they didn’t give up until the final whistle.

The never-say-die attitude is something that both Scarborough teams have and that is something that flows from the coaching staff and players, through to the fans that turn up to support their team.