Sportsdesk comment with Dan Gregory: Town collapse gives us the chance to pull in same direction

Sports desk comment
Sports desk comment

While the officials and handful of players and fans Scarborough Town had left will be bitterly disappointed after the club folded this week, there is a bigger picture at play here.

My job during the football season is to ring around all the Saturday League managers and see how they’ve been getting on, and for the last couple of years I think most of them weren’t overly fond of Town.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really admire the constitution Town stood up for and tried to operate under.

Football played by Scarborough lads in Scarborough is all good and well, but the conditions at present aren’t conducive to that.

We don’t have any facilities in the town that are good enough to play at a level above the Humber Premier Division, which from what I hear is marginally better than our Saturday League first division.

The problem is obvious to most. We used to have a professional football team operating at a good level - last season we had Scarborough Athletic at Step 5 of the Non League pyramid, which is all good and well, but it’s when you have both Athletic Reserves and Town operating only marginally above our local leagues that problems start to appear.

Good players like Benjamin Luntley, Ricky Nock, Baz Gill, Jamie Bradshaw and a handful more left their respective local sides and went off to play for Town, and that seriously reduced the standard of the local leagues.

West Pier went into their big North Riding County FA Saturday Challenge Cup Final missing the likes of Martin Cooper, Neil Thomas and Jamie Bradshaw due to rules preventing the Town players ‘dropping down’ the levels.

Traditionally, Pier would have gone into that clash with those guys in their squad, and I think they would have beaten Thirsk Falcons with those guys in their side.

Town were a completely different animal in their first stint on the pitch.

Mitch Cook had a superb team of young lads from the town playing for him, and had they been given the planning permission for lights at Pindar by SBC, who knows what they could have achieved.

In my opinion, they should have left it there.

The club’s parting statement read: “The club hopes that Scarborough Athletic will soon be able to move into town to take over this role and wishes Athletic every success in the future.”

I hope the two clubs can now pool their resources without egos or prejudice getting in the way of progress for the town.