Sportsdesk Comment with Daniel Gregory: Boro taint recent success with farcical statement

Sports desk comment
Sports desk comment

If you were keeping an eye on the Scarborough News website on Friday you may have noticed some peculiar goings-on surrounding what can only be described as a farcical statement released by Scarborough Athletic.

It was a case of blink and you’ll miss it as far as our publishing of the statement in question as we removed it for a number of reasons.

The timing of the statement is almost as bizarre as what it actually contains.

The statement opens: “In October 2011, Scarborough Athletic FC Society Member and Director James Hunter was found to be in serious breach of several society rules.”

Why on earth are the club’s board digging this up now?

The club is performing superbly on the pitch and are embarking upon an exciting season after promotion into Evo-Stik South, and manager Rudy Funk and his assistant John Reed have managed to attract some big name signings to the club that will no doubt help them push on again.

Things are going well and there is a quiet sense of optimism creeping back into football in Scarborough - especially with the news that the Weaponness Leisure Village is progressing nicely at the moment.

Now I know James as we work for the same company and I am sure he won’t mind me saying that some of the things he has posted on various social media platforms in recent years are aimed slightly at the board.

Yes, they may be controversial posts, but who are the club to come out and release this baffling statement on the back of them.

Can you imagine the likes of Manchester United coming out and ‘dishing the dirt’ on former directors and fans via an official statement?

They would be the laughing stock of the Premier League wouldn’t they?

Something else to ponder is what the club feel they are going to achieve out of releasing this statement.

The statement goes on: “The board is faced with mounting criticism and disquiet over James’ actions by fellow trust members, sponsors and others who are connected with the club or who are ‘looking in’.

“The prospect of lasting damage to the integrity and reputation of the club is very real, and there is a clear risk to the health and well being of volunteer directors whose own integrity is constantly being called into question.”

First question on that would be, name a football club that has never come in for any criticism?

Secondly, surely the board members who were put up for election by the fans know the responsibility they faced before they agreed to get involved?

With any position of this nature, which should be be an honour to fill by the way, you must expect scrutiny of some kind, just like in this case.

Now, I’m not trying to dampen the spirit of the club, which is high at the moment heading into their first pre-season game at Halifax on Saturday, far from it.

But even the most staunch supporter of the club would surely have looked at the statement in bemusement when it was released.


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