Sportsdesk Comment with Daniel Gregory: India’s complaint is petty attempt to ruffle feathers

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Either the Indian cricket are a sensitive bunch or their pathetic complaint against England paceman James Anderson is a sorry attempt to get under the skin of the hosts.

The cynic in me is erring towards the latter.

Coach Duncan Fletcher and skipper MS Dhoni don’t come across as the weak-minded sort, so their official complaint to the match official following a coming together between Anderson and Ravi Jadeja stinks of mind games.

They know their hosts are already struggling for confidence and are in desperate need of a win and runs for under-fire skipper Alastair Cook, and they’ve looked for a way to add to England’s misery.

I would be stunned if Anderson was handed a ban.

In a sport that can come across as very mundane to the casual fan at times, it is exciting when there is a bit of needle involved in a game.

Anderson lets his emotions get the better of him at times, but I’m confident the Indians’ complaint will be ignored.

England have thrown back a counter-complaint against Jadeja, which just makes the whole incident seem even more childish.

Cricket seems to have become a very sensitive sport over recent years, with teams and individuals seemingly unable to handle any verbals.

The same thing happened with England when the Australians were very forthright with their chat over the winter.

Yes, their skipper Michael Clarke crossed the line when he threatened Anderson with a broken arm, but in the majority I think players need to front up and get on with it.

Having said that, not all the players struggled with it.

For such a young man, Joe Root handled the verbals and pressure well.

If he can just cement his place in the side over the next year, he will make a very good future captain.

I expect both teams’ complaints to be thrown out and the issue to be forgotten, it just smacked of behaviour that would be better suited to a school playground.