Sunday League’s two-division format confirmed

Sunday League news
Sunday League news

Member clubs of the Scarborough News Scarborough & District Sunday League voted in favour of dropping down from three divisions to two at a secretarys and managers special general meeting at the Working Men’s Club.

The clubs voted to drop down to two divisions after the league committee voted to propose the withdrawal of the third division following the resignations of division one sides Seamer and Shakespeare, which left just six teams in the top flight.

Division one will consist of 10 teams with division two comprising 12 sides to complete the new-look set-up.

League chairman Mark Plumpton said: “There was very little opposition to the change to two divisions, which is good news for the league. We are a much stronger-looking league now and the teams are getting better vaule for their league fees now, getting either 18 or 22 league matches depending upon which division they are in. Any teams thinking of joining the league in the future can now see they would be joining a stronger league.

“If we had stayed at three divisions the league season would have been very short so this move is a wise one.

“The rolling subs rule that was passed back at the AGM for division three was scrapped by the clubs.”

The new constitution:

DIVISION ONE (10 teams): Newlands, Klosters, Trafalgar, West Pier, Filey Flyers, Tennyson, Itis Itis, Fylingdales, Cayton, Roscoes Bar.

DIVISION TWO (12 teams): Ayton, Commercial, Whitby Wanderers, Alma FC, Castle FC, Angel, Heslerton, Fylingdales Reserves, West Pier Reserves, Trafalgar Reserves, Tennyson Reserves, Newlands Reserves.

There is also changes to the cups, with the new Goalsports Trophy, which replaces the McCain Cup, is for division two teams only, comprising of a preliminary round stage then a knockout competition.

The Senior Cup is open only to division one teams with the top three teams from last season receiving a bye alongside three more randomly drawn sides.

In the Kenward Cup, all teams will be entered, with 10 receiving a bye and the 12 remaining sides bidding to make the last 16.

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