THIS WEEK IN SPORT: Sporting pictures from 1997

This week we turn back the clock to the year 1997 so you can cast your eye over our sporting pictures.

Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 1:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 1:12 pm
THIS WEEK IN SPORT: Sporting memories from 1997

Are you in the pictures or can you spot anyone you know?

Rangers line up before a Sunday League match
Cayton line up for a Sunday League Division One game
Gary Bennett hits the ground after scoring for Boro
Scalby Under-14s
Jason Rockett in action for Scarborough FC
Filey School's Under-13s rugby union team
Ayton challenge for the ball against Ivanhoe in a Saturday League match
Ivanhoe take on Ayton in the Saturday League second division
Scarborough FC's Colin Sutherland consoles teammate Ian Ironside
The Scarborough & District Under-14s football team line up