MATT CONNER: Helping to clear steep banks

Last week a small group of guys from Middlesbrough came for a fitting for some new golf clubs.

Friday, 27th November 2015, 11:00 am
Matt Conner's golf tips

They were due to play at Ganton Golf Club later in the day.

Never having played the course before, they had heard how steep the bunkers are, and they wanted to know what they needed to change in their techniques to help to get the ball out.

It is really important to get the ball up quickly.

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Follow these four steps to increase the initial launch of the ball to help clear the steep banks:

1. To increase the launch angle open the club face.

This also increases the bounce on the sole which stops the club getting stuck in the sand.

2. Swing slightly steeper in the backswing.

This helps to release the club head to gain extra loft.

3. Keep 60% of your weight on your front leg so as to maintain a steeper swing.

Positioning too much weight on the back foot will cause the club to enter the sand too early, and the ball will not come out.

4. Position the golf ball just forward of a centre ball position.

This will help you to take the correct amount of sand so you can control your distance.

On most golf courses there are some bunkers that you dread your ball finishing in.

Use this technique to help you escape from the steep sided hazard.

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