Medd snaps up Filey Fishing Festival win

Scarborough’s Dave Medd finished in pole position in the first event of the 93rd Annual Filey Fishing Festival.

Monday, 7th September 2015, 4:16 pm

Medd won Saturday’s shore greatest weight of fish match for the Harry Jarman Bowl with a bag of 5lb 4oz 1 drrm, with Bridlington’s Mally Skelton in second place with 4-14-2.

Redcar angler Mark Smith won Sunday’s shore match, the Filey Open Codling Challenge, with 10-12-8, earning him the Late W Witty Challenge Bowl.

Dave Barr, from Hunmanby, snapped up second place with 8-6-0.

Filey Fishing Festival 2015 Shore Match Results

Day 1 Saturday September 5

Greatest weight of fish for the Harry Jarman Bowl sponsored by Filey Sports Association (REGISTERED FOR PENN SEA LEAGUE POINTS)

Class 1

Dave Medd Scarborough, 5-4-1

Mally Skelton Bridlington, 4-14-2

Andrew Colling, Filey, 4-7-2

Billy Colling, Filey, 4-0-7

Mark Stonehouse Scarborough, 2-14-1

Jon Richardson, Bridlington, 2-3-6

D Baker, Bridlington, 1-7-9

FBAS: Andrew Colling, 4-7-2

Over-60s: Dave Medd, 5-4-1

Superpool: Andrew Colling, 4-7-2, Dave Medd, 3-3-1

67 Entries 63 + 4 Juveniles.

Day 2 Sunday September 6

Shore Match - Filey Open Codling Challenge - The Late W Witty Challenge Bowl sponsored by Jamie Richardson (REGISTERED FOR PENN SEA LEAGUE POINTS)

Class 1

Mark Smith, Redcar, 10-12-8

Dave Barr, Hunmanby, 8-6-0

Paul Medd, Scarborough, 7-15-5

Ian Thompson, Scarborough, 7-9-1

Chris Anderson, Flamborough, 6-15-9

Martin Dixon, Filey, 6-5-0

Paul Westmoreland, Middlesbrough, 5-9-2

Andy Crowe, Scarborough, 5-5-6

Robbie Morgan, Sunderland, 4-6-5

Mally Skelton, Bridlington, 3-9-8

Adrian Richardson, Flamborough, 3-5-2

Ben Laws, Whitby, 3-3-6

Steve Hoyle, Scarborough, 3-2-0

Danny Swan, Sunderland, 2-14-5

Danny Binnie, Filey, 2-8-2

Billy Colling, Filey, 2-7-8

Juvenile Class: Ben Colling, Filey, 1-5-1 (cod)

Over-60s: Mally Skelton, 3-9-8

Superpool: Chris Anderson, 5-3-0, Ian Thompson, 4-12-5