Medd snaps up Filey Fishing Festival win

Scarborough’s Dave Medd finished in pole position in the first event of the 93rd Annual Filey Fishing Festival.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th September 2015, 4:16 pm

Medd won Saturday’s shore greatest weight of fish match for the Harry Jarman Bowl with a bag of 5lb 4oz 1 drrm, with Bridlington’s Mally Skelton in second place with 4-14-2.

Redcar angler Mark Smith won Sunday’s shore match, the Filey Open Codling Challenge, with 10-12-8, earning him the Late W Witty Challenge Bowl.

Dave Barr, from Hunmanby, snapped up second place with 8-6-0.

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Filey Fishing Festival 2015 Shore Match Results

Day 1 Saturday September 5

Greatest weight of fish for the Harry Jarman Bowl sponsored by Filey Sports Association (REGISTERED FOR PENN SEA LEAGUE POINTS)

Class 1

Dave Medd Scarborough, 5-4-1

Mally Skelton Bridlington, 4-14-2

Andrew Colling, Filey, 4-7-2

Billy Colling, Filey, 4-0-7

Mark Stonehouse Scarborough, 2-14-1

Jon Richardson, Bridlington, 2-3-6

D Baker, Bridlington, 1-7-9

FBAS: Andrew Colling, 4-7-2

Over-60s: Dave Medd, 5-4-1

Superpool: Andrew Colling, 4-7-2, Dave Medd, 3-3-1

67 Entries 63 + 4 Juveniles.

Day 2 Sunday September 6

Shore Match - Filey Open Codling Challenge - The Late W Witty Challenge Bowl sponsored by Jamie Richardson (REGISTERED FOR PENN SEA LEAGUE POINTS)

Class 1

Mark Smith, Redcar, 10-12-8

Dave Barr, Hunmanby, 8-6-0

Paul Medd, Scarborough, 7-15-5

Ian Thompson, Scarborough, 7-9-1

Chris Anderson, Flamborough, 6-15-9

Martin Dixon, Filey, 6-5-0

Paul Westmoreland, Middlesbrough, 5-9-2

Andy Crowe, Scarborough, 5-5-6

Robbie Morgan, Sunderland, 4-6-5

Mally Skelton, Bridlington, 3-9-8

Adrian Richardson, Flamborough, 3-5-2

Ben Laws, Whitby, 3-3-6

Steve Hoyle, Scarborough, 3-2-0

Danny Swan, Sunderland, 2-14-5

Danny Binnie, Filey, 2-8-2

Billy Colling, Filey, 2-7-8

Juvenile Class: Ben Colling, Filey, 1-5-1 (cod)

Over-60s: Mally Skelton, 3-9-8

Superpool: Chris Anderson, 5-3-0, Ian Thompson, 4-12-5