Academy stars shine through

TOP TEAM ... The Regional Primary Girls
TOP TEAM ... The Regional Primary Girls
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FIVE teams made up of 40 gymnasts from Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington and Pickering who train at Scarborough Gymnastics Academy, travelled to Edinburgh to compete in the Northern & Midlands Team Gym Championships 2012.

All the hard work and preparation in the run up to the competition paid off for the three national teams who competed successfully, qualifying to compete in the British Team Gym Championships in May.

The competition is split into three age groups, Primary, Junior and Senior and there are two categories in each age group, Regional and National.

The National level teams compete at the highest level in order to try and qualify for the British Championships.

The Regional level team compete at a slightly lower level in order to gain valuable experience in preparation for competing at National level in the future.

Teamgym involves teams of between six and 12 gymnasts competing as a team on floor, vault and tumble.

The floor routine involves the gymnasts performing required gymnastic elements together with dance.

The tumble routine includes six gymnasts performing three separate tumbles in quick succession.

The tumbles included were backflips, twisting and multiple somersaults in various shapes, straight, tuck and pike and using different directions.

The trampette routine involves six gymnasts performing two separate somersaults with different shapes and degrees of rotation or twist from the trampette and one vault using the trampette and vaulting table.

The first competition of the day was the Primary Competition. The Scarborough National Primary Girls and Mixed Teams and the Girls Primary Regional Team were up against tough competition in their respective sections.

All Primary teams had a fantastic day, performing their routines with flair and they clearly enjoyed the competitive experience.

The Scarborough Primary National team were placed a fantastic first place overall in the Primary National girls section of the open competition and were crowned Northern Champions.

The team needed to score 35.00 to qualify for the British Championships and scored an outstanding 39.25 which was the top British Primary score of the day. It was the New Scarborough Primary regional team’s first Northern competition which was a huge challenge for the young team.

This was the first year Scarborough Gymnastics Academy has been represented by a National Mixed team.

The team had been working really hard in the run up to the event which paid off on the day.

The team performed with a brilliant team ethic throughout the competition and performed new skills at the competition.

The team were placed first overall and Qualified to take part in the British Championships in May.

Coach Nikii Walker said: “The team were very excited when it was announced that they had qualified for the British Championships. Well done to the Mixed Team.”

The Scarborough Regional Primary girls team were first to compete, the team was made up of seven members aged eight and 11 .

The team performed consistently on all pieces of apparatus and was awarded first place on floor and second on trampette and tumble.

The newly-formed team secured an amazing second place overall scoring 32.50.

The Scarborough National Junior girls teams were next to compete, the team of eight members are aged between 12 and 16 were up against strong competition from the other Northern teams.

The team performed with excellent consistence on all apparatus and were awarded by being placed first on trampette and tumble and a fantastic first place overall.

This was the first time in four years that a team from Scarborough has won this event so everybody from the club was delighted.

The Allstars were the third team from Scarborough to be crowned Northern Champions 2012 on the day.

The Junior teams had to score over 40.00 to qualify for the British finals, they scored an outstanding score of 44. 10 firmly securing their place in the finals.

The Scarborough Regional Junior girl’s team competed fantastically with great team work, performing many new skills on tumble and trampette, showing great all-round performance.

The team were placed third overall, which was a fantastic achievement.

The competition was a great success for the team who managed to secure second place on both tumble and trampette and third place overall..

Team Coach Evy Walker said “There was a great team ethic on the day and Scarborough were well represented with 40 competing gymnasts.

“A big well done to everyone who took part.

“The next team gym competition for both qualifying National squads is the British Championships which is in Gloucester in May.”